Islam the sunnis and shiites

Sunni and shia muslims share the most fundamental islamic beliefs and articles of faith and are the two main sub-groups in islam they do differ, however, and that separation stemmed initially, not from spiritual distinctions, but political ones. One of the most perplexing scenarios to non-muslims and new muslims alike is the division they may see between shiites and sunni muslims some tend to become confused when they see that each group claims to be following the true islam. Differences between sunnis and shiites the growing diplomatic feud between iran and saudi arabia has escalated historic tensions in the muslim world, as the sunni kingdom and its allies scale back.

The christian science monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage via its website, weekly magazine, daily news briefing, and email newsletters. But the syrian leadership is dominated by alawites (an offshoot of shia islam) under saddam hussein’s regime in iraq, which was dominated by sunnis, the country clashed with iran the sunni-shia divide is nearly 1,400 years old, dating back to a dispute over the succession of leadership in the muslim community following the death of the. As for their beliefs, both sunni and shia muslims agree on the five pillars of islam while the sunnites honor ali, they do not venerate their imams as having the gift of divine intercession shiites do venerate their imams, believing they are endowed with infallibility in their interpretation of the qur’an. Sunni shia split and conflict history after the death of prophet muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wassalam), muslims came under the rule of a caliphate system and stayed united under the initial four caliphs for a period of about 30 years.

This lesson will seek to explain the divide between the sunnis and shiites of islamic culture in doing so, it will highlight the prophet muhammad, ali, abu bakr, and the position of islamic caliph. Sunni islam is the largest sect, although in some countries it is a minority sunnis have their historical roots in the majority group who followed abu bakr, an effective leader, as the successor of muhammad, instead of his cousin and son-in-law ali. Shia islam rejects sunni islam's kutub al-sittah, or the five allegedly original hadiths, and rejects hadiths attributed to muhammad's wife, aisha, who shias feel defied ali likewise, sunnis reject shia islam's the four books. Sunni islam (/ ˈ s uː n i, ˈ s ʊ n i /) is the largest denomination of islamits name comes from the word sunnah, referring to the exemplary behaviour of the islamic prophet muhammad the differences between sunni and shia muslims arose from a disagreement over the choice of muhammad's successor and subsequently acquired broader political significance, as well as theological and juridical.

Islam: sunnis and shiites description the majority of the world's muslim population follows the sunni branch of islam, and approximately 10%-15% of all muslims follow the shiite (shi'ite, shi'a, shia) branch. Shīʿite: shiite, member of the smaller of the two major branches of islam, distinguished from the majority sunnis. The majority of the world’s muslim population follows the sunni branch of islam, and approximately 10-15% of all muslims follow the shiite (shi’ite, shi’a, shia) branch. Sunnis and shiites share the belief that there are five pillars of islam: (1) the unity of allah and the prophethood of muhammad, (2) the five obligatory prayers, (3) fasting, (4) charity, and (5) the pilgrimage to mecca.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than shiites have, and the two sects' interpretation of islam's schools of law is different. Islam’s dominant sect, which roughly 85 percent of the world’s 16 billion muslims follow, view shia islam with suspicion, and extremist sunnis have portrayed shias as heretics and apostates. Alawites are often portrayed as religious brethren of iranian shiites, a misconception that stems from the close strategic alliance between the assad family and the iranian regime (which developed after the 1979 iranian revolution) but this is all politics. The muslim population of ethiopia is about as large as that of afghanistan china has more muslims than syria russia is home to more muslims than jordan and libya combined and germany has more muslims than lebanon (also known as shiites) comprise the two main sects within islam sunni and shia identities first formed around a dispute.

Short answer: in terms of faith, there is no difference between sunnis and shiitesin terms of politics, the story started with the difference of opinion among the companions of the prophet as to who should follow the prophet as the political leader of the young muslim nation. Sunni islam and shia islam are the two major denominations of islam that the greatest danger presently threatening the islamic nation is the attempt to fuel the fire of strife between sunni and shiite muslims, and that efforts must concentrate on countering these attempts and closing ranks.

The al-islamorg site and the dilp are entirely supported by individual donors and well wishers if you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of al-islamorg, please donate online. Sectarian conflict is becoming entrenched in a growing number of muslim countries and is threatening to fracture iraq and syria tensions between sunnis and shias, exploited by regional rivals. The shiites (arabic: شيعة‎, shīʿah) represent the second largest denomination of islam and represent roughly 15% of all muslims shiites are called shia, shi'i, and ahle tashi in different.

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Islam the sunnis and shiites
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